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We founded Compensation.Exchange with a singular goal in mind: to create a niche community bolstered by high-quality, authentic interactions and content.

With about 40,000 members in our LinkedIn communities, Compensation.Exchange has the unique ability to reach a wide range of individuals with professional experience in the total rewards industry.


Vendors are encouraged to create a BIZZpage in order to better understand the practitioners they serve. We offer three different options for creating a BIZZpage:

STANDARD BIZZpages include...

  • Basic Company Biography, formatted by the professionals at Compensation.Exchange
  • Basic Company Web Information
  • Ability to Sync Information with LinkedIn

ENHANCED BIZZpages include...

  • In-Depth Company Biography, formatted by yourself OR the professionals at Compensation.Exchange
  • Enhanced formatting options
  • In-Depth Company Web Information
  • Ability to Sync Information with LinkedIn

FEATURED BIZZpages include...

  • Perks mentioned above
  • Featured front-of-the-list slot on BIZZpages
  • Featured BIZZpage across site


Our community at Compensation.Exchange is made up of senior-level compensation professionals, whose in-depth experience allows them to give expert advice across all facets of the industry. Because our community and content are heavily moderated and quality-checked, you can count on relevant discussions, unique perspectives, and critical insights into what's driving the compensation industry, both today and in the future.


  • Ability to post and discuss solely as a practitioner


  • Ability to create promoted discussion threads as a vendor


In order to prompt discussion among the site and among the industry, we have a team of content writers who constantly comb through the latest compensation news—keeping an eye out for developing trends, radical viewpoints, and integral thought leaders who are laying the foundation for tomorrow's compensation professionals. This content, found on our News & Reviews page, is available to everyone, including non-members. We also offer a sponsorship program that allows vendors to promote sponsored content through our platform.


  • Ability to view all content on our News & Reviews page


  • Ability to author sponsored content 
  • Ability to promote your webinars, whitepapers, and other media to our members

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