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Are You Managing Compensation in Volatile Economies?

On Feb 17th, Venezuela was the latest to announce a significant devaluation (37% on the official rate).  There are dozens of countries experiencing high devaluation and/or inflation.  What's the best approach for managing local pay under such circumstances? Hint:  Do not convert to hard currency! For some tips and guidance on what you should do, join the Birches Group webinar on March 2 @ 9:00 Eastern Time (14:00 GMT).  We'll look at some data and outline our recommended approaches to manage…

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Variable / Incentive Pay: Communicated as a percentage of Base Salary, or Total Comp?

I've come across differing ways of positioning/communicating Variable/Incentive pay.This is either as a percentage of Base Salary or a percentage of Total Compensation. In my experience the approach to this depends on whether the audience is the Sales community or not.  Sales people often refer to their on-target incentive/commission amount as a percentage of their total compensation.  On the other hand, non-sales people, who more commonly would have some kind of bonus plan as part of their…

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6 Replies · Reply by Steve McDonald Jan 8, 2016

Corporate Management Bonus Plan

Hi, I will be revamping our annual management bonus plan and I am looking for guidance on good survey/best practice data to use in determining target percentages, max payouts and the typical metrics/components of a management bonus plan. Open to any advice or guidance. Thanks. Lori Kirscht  Director Total Rewards at ABRA Auto Body & Glass

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4 Replies · Reply by Paul Oliva Jan 4, 2016


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